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Employee Testimonials
At Altisource, the management team focuses on and rewards employees' contributions and achievements. We are recognized for the value we bring to the company and consistently given opportunities to learn additional skills.

Kavya, Due Diligence and Forensics

From my first interaction with Altisource, I realized the company was fully committed to offering the highest level of service to its clients. Since joining, I've had the opportunity to participate in several company-wide initiatives to develop efficient processes leveraging technology and our diverse employee knowledge base. Finally, Altisource’s dynamic environment provides a truly motivating workplace for me and my team.

Ignacio, Vendor Management Organization

My main motivation for joining Altisource centered around the incredible growth potential for both myself and the company. I am faced with exciting new challenges every day, and my management team provides me with the information and support to overcome any roadblocks. In my position, I have the chance to think outside the box and identify new solutions while continuing to learn and grow in my role.

Stephanie, Non-Legal Processing Services

Each year, I am exposed to new roles in which I learn new technologies, contribute to a diverse range of projects and accept new, exciting challenges. Altisource continues to enable unique career experiences.

Pradeep, Enterprise Architecture Group

Each day, I look forward to the camaraderie and friendly competition we develop on the collections floor. We frequently share our best practices and concentrate on expanding our combined knowledge base. I value working with our customers and am thankful for the strong, supportive relationship I have been able to develop with my managers.

James, Contingency Collections

Nationwide Credit, Inc.
Although I joined Altisource with extensive experience in title and closing services with law firms, I am delighted in the diversity of my work and discovering new roles and processes. It is very motivating to join a company early in its growth process, and I thoroughly enjoy working with my team members in such a collaborative atmosphere.

Betty, Settlement Services

Altisource provides a strong, stable opportunity for growth while supplying all of the tools necessary for success. The training program is very detailed and second to none. In addition, our human resources department does a fantastic job of assembling cohesive teams focused on teamwork to reach our end goals. As a result, I leave work each day with a strong sense of accomplishment from helping our customers.

Jason, Contingency Collections

Nationwide Credit, Inc.
Altisource allows me to maintain a great work / life balance. I thoroughly enjoy the culture, and our management always make themselves available for questions and insight. Overall, my team makes my job fun!

Jacqueline, Mortgage Component Services

For hard working and committed employees, Altisource offers a great place to grow and develop. As I continue to challenge myself, I'm given new areas in which to grow.

Sampath, Contingency Collections Technology

Altisource’s ability to combine an innovative business strategy with exceptional, focused professionals creates an incredibly motivating environment for every employee.

Ranga,Technology Services

Since joining Altisource, I have had an excellent professional journey from an Associate to a Manager. The 6 years I have been with the company are the most rewarding and best learning years of my career. As long as you have the determination to work hard, there are no limits to how far you can reach. If you want to work in good environment, you can join any place, but if you want to work in a great environment - this is the place.

Raghu, Corporate Training

Altisource provides the right platform and environment for work-life balance, career growth, recognition and job satisfaction. The work frequently involves innovative and new challenges, which lead to a charged atmosphere encouraging you to always do better than your best. At the end of the day, you receive great satisfaction knowing you have contributed to the collective growth of the company.

Geetha, FS Accounting

Each day at Altisource has proven to be a learning opportunity. I have been promoted three times in a tenure of 5 years, which truly reflects the company's recognition and support of my work and motivates me to continue perform at my best. I was lucky to begin my career at Altisource, and I am honored to be a part of this organization.

Nisha, REALTrans

I began at Altisource on July 23, 2007 and have made many friends and collected some great memories over the years. I have always had an enjoyable time working with my both my superiors and co-workers. We all work so well together that sometimes it doesn't even feel like work at all. This company truly appreciates its employees by recognizing and rewarding their efforts and performance. My career here is a perfect example. I honestly never felt I would reach this level of leadership in such a short period of time. I am looking forward to continuing to reach new heights, and I wish success to all those who are climbing up the ladder with me.

Graden, Assurant

I joined Altisource in August 2007 and I could not have imagined just how good of an opportunity I was walking into. My job here has groomed me both personally and professionally. It has made me realize the potential I have to grow and provided the opportunities to do so. I am empowered to perform at my best and deliver excellent service every day. Altisource values hard work (there is no substitute for hard work), a can do spirit, a positive attitude and hands-on management. These values keep me going and guide the entire organization.All this, coupled with Altisource's success, makes this the perfect place to work!

Kunal, Mortgage Collections

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Altisource improves the performance and profitability of clients nationwide by leveraging a global workforce, integrated technologies and cutting-edge decision models. For the real estate, mortgage and financial industries, Altisource delivers.
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  • REALRemit® has not only helped us stay ahead of the curve, but we saved a huge amount of time and money implementing a system that was designed to handle our custom needs.

    - Doug, CEO
    First Associates, Inc
  • Nationwide Credit, Inc. does a tremendous job focusing on the objectives that matter most to a client... At the end of the day, their execution and response gives me the perception that our partnership matters the most to their business.

    - Jay, Senior Director
    Resurgent Captial Services L.P.
  • When you [Premium Title] took over the file it went so smoothly. You kept us in the loop the entire transaction; the escrow was one step ahead of me. Thank you for making this happen, we could not have done it without you.
    Holly, Owner
    Vision Home Mortgage
  • We were required to make unique enhancements to REALResolution, [which were] expected to reduce manual efforts while processing a loan and reduce the timeline to move the property to REO. Altisource has done an exceptional job in meeting the requirements of the project which has allowed Ocwen to achieve desired results.

    - Roshan, Director, Resolution Processing and Administration
    Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC
  • Altisource has provided outstanding service on the post closing Quality Control function . . . I would recommend Altisource to anyone looking for a positive change to their Quality Control process.
    Julie, Senior Vice President
    Metropolitan National Bank
  • The REALSynergy product has been instrumental with Bellwether's growth in servicing since it was purchased in 2008. Bellwether has grown from 5 employees in 2008 to over 50 with $3.5 billion in servicing. The REALSynergy team was especially helpful during the portfolio transfers.

    - Marty, Director, National Servicing Manager
    Bellwether Enterprise Real Estate Capital, LLC.
  • Over the years the REALSynergy technical support team has provided prompt, professional, and personal attention to any implementation, operating process, or product upgrade questions that we have had. We can confidently recommend REALSynergy as a dedicated and reliable firm, and experts in their field.

    - Karen S. Dolen, Loan Servicing Manager
    INTERVEST Mortgage Investment Company
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