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What We Offer

Efficient disposition strategies for delinquent portfolios can help you save time, lower holding costs and increase sale proceeds for investors. That’s why Altisource® CWCOT Auction Services specializes in managing disposition strategies that are focused on helping to reduce loss severity, maximize auction exposure and drive process efficiency.

CWCOT Auction Services brings together our auction expertise and powerful market presence as a residential real estate leader in the industry. We aim to help you increase your asset returns by providing:

Second Chance Online Auctions

We provide a refined online liquidation auction process through Hubzu®.

Foreclosure Auction Marketing

Our platform can help to increase the exposure of your assets to drive interested bidders to your auctions.

Range of Residential Real Estate Offerings

We create a mix of buyers by offering non-auction assets in addition to auction assets on our platform.

  • Help increase asset exposure

    Using data and analytics, we identify key factors that can help influence buyer searches and patterns to help amplify your marketing efforts.

  • Tap into vast experience

    Our extensive experience in online auctions and asset management provides specialization for marketing and disposition strategies.

  • Help enhance operational controls

    We regularly monitor business processes to help reduce errors, increase quality and keep you up-to-date on changing marketing requirements.