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What we offer

Pre-foreclosure (PFC), real estate owned (REO), rental property and residential property portfolios all demand constant care and attention - from standard property upkeep to compliance with various investor, agency and local requirements.  Altisource offers comprehensive field services to optimize and protect more than 170,000 properties1 nationwide.*

 A key driver of our comprehensive solutions is our vendor oversight infrastructure that manages and monitors a nationwide network of vendors. Our oversight helps vendors adhere to industry standards and helps provide the highest-quality services for your portfolio. We aim to inspect, preserve and maintain properties as if they were our own, and offer a full range of scalable services as well as customized options to meet your specific needs:

Inspection services

Offer a variety of inspection services including exterior and interior inspections, property condition reports, weather event emergency management services, quality control inspection reports as well as customized inspection services.

Preservation and specialty services

Provide scalable preservation and maintenance solutions including seasonal services, recurring maintenance, repairs with cost estimate validation, property registrations, utilities management, code compliance management, realty transitions, redemption services, HOA management, signage installations and other specialty services.

Community engagement services

Maintain relationships with homeowner associations, national and local non-profit organizations, neighborhood organizations and other community stakeholders to help protect your assets and reputation and sustain vibrant, thriving neighborhoods.

Automated solutions

Proprietary technology platforms help us effectively manage your field services needs and satisfy client, investor, agency, government and local requirements.

We have experience with various client, regulatory and investor requirements including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD/FHA, VA and USDA.

Quality control in the field

Utilize best practice reporting processes to help assure your satisfaction with performance, quality control and community stewardship.

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1Transaction volume January-December 2016

*Including District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands


  • Satisfy your expectations

    Our vendor management, training and performance monitoring help confirm the services you need are performed within required timelines and with high quality.

  • Scale to your requirements

    Altisource leverages its scale, integrated delivery model and vendor network to provide a regional focus and local expertise to help protect, preserve and maintain your portfolio of homes.

  • Collaborate with communities

    Maintain strong relationships with community stakeholders to foster goodwill and strengthen your reputation as community steward.

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