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Comprehensive disposition strategies for real estate portfolios

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What We Offer

Altisource® Foreclosure Auction Services specializes in managing disposition strategies for delinquent portfolios, with a focus on increasing auction exposure and driving compliance oversight.

By combining Altisource® technology with exceptional customer service, we’re able to develop efficient disposition strategies that get results. We leverage our deep auction expertise and a powerful market presence as a residential real estate leader to help boost sales outcomes for servicers. 

With Altisource, you get access to a diverse pool of buyers and investors, a nationwide vendor management team and the strength of a leading real estate company — all under one roof. 

We help servicers keep pace with today’s ever-changing market by offering:

Foreclosure/Trustee Auctions

Our platform can help increase the exposure of your assets to drive interested bidders to your auction.

Wide-Ranging Residential Real Estate Offerings

We attract a mix of buyers by offering a wide variety of residential asset types on our marketing platform for online real estate.

  • Help increase asset exposure

    Using data and analytics, we identify key factors that can help influence buyer searches and patterns and amplify your marketing efforts.

  • Provide comprehensive experience

    Our deep experience in real estate marketing and our steadfast focus on quality controls and compliance help us formulate a disposition strategy that delivers results.

  • Deliver robust operational controls

    We continually monitor business processes to help reduce errors, increase quality and keep you up-to-date on changing market requirements.

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