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Non-judicial foreclosure trustee services

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Effectively managing your non-judicial foreclosures in accordance with state laws and investor guidelines is a critical process in the lifecycle of your servicing portfolio. To achieve this, you need an industry provider who can navigate the process with standardized best practices, robust technology and strong experience. 

Through Altisource’s non-judicial foreclosure trustee subsidiaries, Altisource offers foreclosure trustee services to effectively and timely manage your foreclosure files.

From file set-up through foreclosure sale, our specialized workforce offers proven expertise to deliver solutions for non-judicial foreclosure in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Washington.

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  • Optimize client service

    Our dedicated teams offer specialized 24/7 service to improve portfolio performance.

  • Automate processes

    Our experts automate and integrate across servicer systems and manage software and vendor applications performing multiple manual compliance checks along the way.

  • Customize reporting

    We provide customizable reports and updates on the status of foreclosures as well as easy access to the status of your files through reporting insights.

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