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Single-family residential real estate investors make up nearly 20% of the entire real estate market – accounting for over 1,000,000 purchases a year. But they are at a disadvantage. Currently there are dozens of websites that allow users to search by property characteristics (bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.) but there is no good way to search properties by their estimated financial performance.1 Imagine researching which stocks, bonds or mutual funds to invest in without being able to sort by financial metrics such as return, price/earnings ratios or dividends. That’s what single-family residential real estate investors faced every day…until Investability®.

Investability utilizes industry data to provide estimated cash flow, capitalization rate, net yield and market value analysis on each relevant investment property for sale in the United States. Using this information, Investability allows investors nationwide to search and sort potential investment properties by specific financial performance metrics. Once investors have identified the properties that fit their criteria, they can use Investability to facilitate purchasing the property, ordering home inspections, obtaining financing, securing property insurance and hiring a property management firm, all within the Investability network.

Whether you choose Investability for its search and analytic services or for an end-to-end solution, you’re working with a team committed to helping you succeed.

1Although financial performance data has been obtained from sources that we believe to be reliable, we do not guarantee its accuracy.  Past financial performance is not indicative of future results and any future results or financial performance of a property is subject to market conditions, unforeseen changes and other risk factors which may have a material effect on such property’s future financial performance.

  • Drives investor success

    Make smarter decisions to help increase your potential ROI by utilizing one of the largest sources of single-family rental data.

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    Search single-family residential properties for sale in the U.S. by financial performance metrics that matter to you.

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    Investability provides the high quality, robust national real estate evaluations you need.

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