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What we offer

RentRange® provides reliable rental market intelligence – with the goal of helping real estate investors, property managers, real estate agents, lenders and financial institutions make informed investment decisions and operate more profitably. Our rental estimates and market trend data provide tools that can help you make smarter real estate decisions for your business.

Customizable to your goals, RentRange scales to your business needs. Whether you require a suite of on-demand, subscription-based services or more specialized requirements, our offerings include:

Property Reports

RentRange property reports analyze investment properties, including estimated rental rates, area vacancy rates and rental saturation for nearby rentals. Use our report to help calculate optimal rent levels to improve cash flow.

Market Metric Reports

Get an in-depth view of geographic rental data broken down by Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), city, county or zip code. For selected geographic areas, market metric reports provide the high, median and low rental rates, average square footage and the average rent per sq. ft. for 1-5 bedroom properties plus vacancy rates and rental saturation.

Investor Lists

Tap into our extensive database of real estate investors. Search by area, portfolio size, property type, average property value and other key criteria to build a custom list that can help grow your business.



  • Deliver deep data

    Take advantage of accessing one of the largest sources of single-family rental data.

  • Uncover real insight

    In addition to the extensive volume of actionable data, RentRange provides a great analytical framework for understanding the data and helping you utilize it for your business decisions.

  • Improve accuracy

    Our layers of extensive data scrubbing and analytics help you make informed decisions about your business.

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