Vendorly® Invoice

Automate the full lifecycle of your accounts payable workflow and help improve collections with a cloud-based e-invoicing and payment system.

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What we offer

Manual processing of invoices can be a huge roadblock to growth. Not only is this approach time-consuming but it can expose your business to mistakes that can lead to costly penalties. To stay competitive today, you need a customizable workflow solution that helps reduce the need for human intervention.

Introducing Vendorly® Invoice — a software-as-a-service (SaaS) automation platform designed for the default and origination space that helps you optimize your accounts payable operations and minimize labor costs. This customer-centric platform was designed from the ground up to offer you the capability and scalability you need as your operation grows.

  • Streamlines integration — pairs easily with most order management and accounting systems, allowing for end-to-end automation
  • Supports e-invoicing — enables you to reduce paper and allows vendors to create invoices through a web portal or API
  • Adapts to regulatory changes — lets you easily reconfigure invoice approval rules and workflows using rules-based automation 

Vendorly Invoice and Vendorly Transact are part of the overall Vendorly Third Party Solution Suite. 

  • Reduce costs

    Helps lower costs through automation, enforcing caps and frequencies, billing expenses to correct parties, applying user defined rules automatically and lowering off-line mailing and paper expenses.

  • Improve transparency

    Further promotes good vendor relations with an online line-item based invoice dispute process and dashboards to review status in real-time.

  • Minimize risks

    Defines rules in advance to help improve consistency through our patented customizable rules engine.

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