Vendorly® Transact

Streamline the purchase process by automating workflows and vendor selection with an intuitive order management platform.

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What we offer

Today’s competitive landscape is driving loan servicing, origination and property management companies to look for ways to reduce transaction costs and manage risk. You need a solution that helps to manage all phases of your ordering lifecycle and vendor fulfillment in one place.  

Introducing Vendorly® Transact — a user-friendly software-as-a-service solution that can automate your ordering lifecycle to improve operational efficiencies and help reduce risks, all from a cloud-based environment.  

Whether sourced from national data vendors or independent firms, Vendorly Transact offers an integrated set of tools designed to help you:

  • Catalog — managing your services and pricing
  • Select vendors — automatically matching vendors to each order
  • Manage order lifecycle — allowing vendors to accept and fulfill orders with APIs, web and mobile applications  
  • Measure performance — automatically generating scorecards based on observed vendor performance
  • Simplify integration — pre-integrates with the Vendorly™ third-party oversight service and Vendorly™ Invoice for vendor certification and payment

Vendorly Invoice and Vendorly Transact are part of the overall Vendorly Third Party Solution Suite. 

  • Improve efficiencies

    Refine your procurement process by automating your ordering workflows. Reduce cycle times with mobile apps that offer real-time order tracking and fulfillment.

  • Reduce costs

    Help route orders to the lowest-total-cost vendors. Use our self-service portal’s bid scoring system to rank vendors on quality and performance criteria.

  • Minimize risks

    Ensure timely and accurate quality assurance on vendor fulfillments. Strengthen controls with business data rules, mobile data collection, big data analytics and workflow-driven manual review steps.