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What We Offer

Trading loans through spreadsheets and sharing personal information with potential buyers over email is time-consuming and exposes your firm to potential risks. To stay competitive today, you need a technology-based solution that helps you buy and sell loans more efficiently.

Introducing noteXchange - an intuitive software solution that can help streamline your workflow, reduce risk and trade more effectively.

Whether you’re buying or selling, noteXchange offers a platform with physical, administrative and technical safeguards that make it easy to sell or source more loans.

  • Helps increase efficiencies

    Quickly map your loans to uniform templates and easily manage distribution to multiple buyers in one place.

  • Supports accelerated sales cycles

    Expedite communication, minimize time-consuming manual processes and rapidly adjust bids to account for market volatility.

  • Helps improve trading potential

    Rank top bids by consolidating data from multiple sources and quickly decide where to allocate production.

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