Springhouse offers a nationwide suite of licensed appraisal and valuations products to help lenders and their customers efficiently close home purchases and loans. In addition to standard appraisal reports, product offerings include AVMs, hybrid and alternative valuations.
  • National Coverage:

    Includes an expansive global workforce in regular communication with appraisers to meet deadlines and expectations.
  • Efficient Delivery:

    Combines our streamlined appraisal management system with third-party integrations to easily track appraisals and deliver fast turnaround times.
  • Customer-Centric:

    Dedicated team of industry leaders, proven professionals and valuation innovators with years of experience are focused on delivering quality personalized customer service.

Proven Experience


average annual volume

(from January 2012 to June 2021)

4+ million

valuations completed

(from January 2012 to June 2021)


vendors in our network

(as of June 2021)

Springhouse® Featured Offerings

Springhouse® Featured Offerings0
  • Hybrid Desktop Appraisal:

    Combines a desktop appraisal with a third-party inspection that streamlines the valuation process and can help reduce costs.
  • HomeVal:

    This Springhouse and Premium Title™ hybrid solution provides a suite of customizable products delivering precise title search and valuation.