Fraud Alert

Altisource® is consistently vigilant about client, candidate and employee data privacy. Employment email scams asking for personal financial details and “processing” fees or deposits as part of the recruitment process are taking place in all industries, however. If you receive such an email, DO NOT respond to it.

Altisource®, its lines of business, authorized representatives and partners will NEVER ask candidates for such information or to send payments of any kind as part of our recruiting and hiring process, contract work or any other employment opportunity.

Here are some of the things to look for that may indicate job offers and emails are scams:

  • Offer employment without speaking with a member of the Altisource® Talent Acquisition Team
  • Requests for personal financial details or payments
  • Messages sent from Yahoo, Outlook or other non-company public email accounts
  • Poorly written content with grammatical and spelling errors
  • Offers to you a check to cash prior to any work being completed
  • Contact address and phone numbers do not exist and/or are false

If you receive an email from Altisource® you suspect may not be authentic or seems suspicious:

  • DO NOT respond, send money or provide personal information of any kind
  • If you already made a payment or shared information, contact your local authorities right away

Please notify us by filling out the form below: