Lenders One® Cooperative

Altisource manages the L1 Cooperative, a national network of 240+ members through which Lenders One delivers its curated suite of mission-critical solutions to help improve member profitability. Join Lenders One to access the solutions, educational and networking events you need to help you succeed.


Lenders One is dedicated to helping independent mortgage bankers, banks and credit unions improve their profitability and compete against larger, well-funded industry participants.

    Reduce loan manufacturing and operational costs through direct and curated white label and preferred provider solutions.

    Maximize revenue potential through capital market and lead generation solutions.

    Drive better decisions and improve profitability through proprietary data and benchmarking intelligence.

Lenders One® Services

Secondary Market Providers

Best-in-class secondary market providers offering pricing and liquidity, various execution options, MSR solutions, trading and additional niche solutions.

Solutions Providers

Our top providers and technology consultants offer solutions that can help to achieve efficiencies and cost savings throughout the loan lifecycle from leads through the manufacturing process and operations side of business.

L1 Connect Members-Only Portal and Member Exchange

Access to peers across the country with search by geographic region, title or company and real-time feedback on your questions within the Member Exchange forum.


Free continuing education for loan officers through AllRegs by ICE Mortgage Technology, exclusive webinars, training sessions and conference calls and advocacy, training and membership discounts through the Mortgage Bankers Association and Community Mortgage Lenders of America.


Opportunities to connect with members and providers, including small-format roundtables, mid-size basecamps and the premiere event of the year annual Summit, including keynotes, educational sessions and networking.