Notice of Data Processing

April, 2018


Our information security program includes appropriate technical, physical and administrative/organizational safeguards designed to:

  • facilitate the security and confidentiality of personal data,
  • protect against reasonably anticipated threats or hazards to the security and integrity of personal data, and
  • protect against actual or suspected unauthorized processing, loss, use, disclosure or acquisition of, or access to, any personal data.

Our information security program includes, among other things, regular testing or monitoring of the effectiveness of our information safeguards. We will employ commercially reasonable efforts to correct all material problems disclosed by any of the foregoing reviews.

Altisource has a robust network and secure environment which protects the Altisource network and data from unauthorized access. Access to infrastructure is generally limited to role-based access. We use authentication frameworks and authentication requests are performed over encrypted channels. Secure channels are mandatory for in-app requests and job application form submissions. We encrypt sensitive data at rest and during transit.