Trelix, leveraging the Trelix Connect software, offers component and bundled end-to-end mortgage fulfillment and quality control solutions to help lenders profitably manage and grow their businesses.

    We can help you to scale to meet fluctuating business demands by providing a global supplemental team of skilled mortgage fulfillment associates. You can adjust your operations to respond to your customers by resourcing onshore or offshore or a blended capacity of highly skilled professionals.

    We can handle the daily routines of your non-customer-facing tasks. That way, your full-time workforce can concentrate more time on counseling and serving your customers.

    Our flexible pricing model helps reduce the fixed costs of scaling your workforce. You also save time and money because we do all the recruiting and training.

Product Offerings

Closing Closing1 Processing Processing2 Underwriting Underwriting3 Due Diligence Due Diligence4 Quality Control Quality Control5


Trelix closing services can help to enhance your closing experience, including document preparation and closing coordination with a dedicated staff. We help your post-closing experience to be seamless by reviewing and compliance-testing all documentation.


Trelix loan processing helps lenders reduce operations costs, improve accuracy and reduce loan cycle times. We review loan documentation efficiently for accuracy before you reach the underwriting stage. The scalable power of a global workforce means that we can review all file documentation for accuracy.


Trelix scalable underwriting services and propriety processes help you mitigate volume fluctuations, maximize efficiency and analyze key loan details from start to finish. We adhere to your product guidelines and underwriting policies following existing methodology to comply with automated underwriting services for loan requirements.

Due Diligence

Trelix due diligence offers a unique combination of technology and risk management tools that work across the mortgage origination and securitization lifecycle.

Quality Control

Trelix quality control helps reduce risk by leveraging our in-depth audits and superior analytic reports to help clients improve the overall quality of the loan origination process. Approved third-party due diligence provider for U.S. residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) by Standard & Poor’s.

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