Real Estate Owned (REO)

Real Estate Owned

Real Estate Owned 0
Hubzu’s REO program offers full-service real estate asset management and online auction marketing of REO properties for local and national servicers. This unique program can help you achieve your sales goals through a competitive bidding platform and national marketing reach.
  • Thorough Pre-Marketing Services:

    Hubzu makes the prelisting process as easy as possible. Redemption/confirmation validation, vendor management of brokers, valuation, preservation and title/escrow providers, negotiation and clearance of HOA and title/lien issues, occupancy verification, ongoing inspections and cash-for-relocation are just a few of the services Hubzu can provide.
  • National Marketing Reach:

    Our targeted marketing approach aims to maximize sales outcomes and sell your REO assets quickly and efficiently. We utilize multiple marketing channels, including email, paid online advertising, listing syndication, the MLS, social media and, which gives you access to a user base of over 1.9+ million potential buyers. Leveraging data and analytics, we strive to attract the right buyers and generate bidding activity and competitive offers.
  • Post-Sale Closing Support:

    Hubzu provides a fully integrated offer submission and review platform that gives you the ability to review auction results. Select the offer that meets your goals at the end of the auction, utilize our automated negotiation tools to achieve better results or immediately run a subsequent auction cycle to maximize bidding activity prices.

REO Benefits

REO Benefits0
  • Automated onboarding and offer review process
  • Robust pre-listing and occupancy services
  • Online auction marketing
  • National marketing reach to maximize sales
  • Closing process management

Proven Experience


residential properties sold with a total sale price of $29.9 billion

(from January 2009 to June 2021)

1.9+ million

buyers and investors

(as of June 2021)


of homes marketed on Hubzu are sold within 60 days from when they become active on the market

(from January 2009 to June 2021)