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Mortgage Bankers Expect Sellers’ Market in 2016 Despite Possible Interest Rate Increase

September 8, 2015

Lenders One® Survey Gauges Mortgage Bankers’ Outlook on Market Trends and TILA-RESPA Readiness 


ST. LOUIS – September 8, 2015 –The majority of Lenders One mortgage banker members (60 percent) expect 2016 will be a sellers’ market and the vast majority (89 percent) of members believe the market could weather a possible interest rate increase this fall.

Members’ sentiment was collected in a survey conducted during the Lenders One Summer Conference held in August. Lenders One is managed by Mortgage Partnership of America, LLC, a subsidiary of Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A.

“Mortgage bankers are generally optimistic about 2016 and believe that a possible interest rate hike is not going to create a major hurdle for continued industry growth next year,” said Daniel Goldman, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Lenders One. “Respondents also expressed positive views about TILA-RESPA preparedness, another big mortgage industry concern, in part because the extension of the implementation deadline has afforded mortgage bankers more time to get technology and processes ready to be compliant.”

Looking ahead to 2016, mortgage bankers are also watching a number of key issues that may impact the industry’s growth. These include innovation in banks’ menu of mortgage products (26 percent), continued increases in home values (22 percent) and lowering acceptable down payment amounts (10 percent).

Mortgage bankers largely ready for TILA-RESPA, mixed on impact of delays

“Preparation for the TILA-RESPA integrated disclosure rule requirements has dominated industry conversations for several months, and we’ve been working closely with our members to provide services and offerings that can help them address these changes,” Goldman said. “Fortunately, the survey results show that at this point the industry feels relatively well-prepared for the implementation of these new regulations.”  

Two months in advance of the expected TILA-RESPA implementation in October 2015, the majority (64 percent) of mortgage bankers feel they have the knowledge and tools necessary to adjust to the new requirements. Another 27 percent stated that they are somewhat ready, and only nine percent indicated they do not have the knowledge and tools required to adjust to the new rules.

When asked whether the implementation delay will make adjusting to the new TILA-RESPA rules more or less difficult for lenders, nearly half of respondents (47 percent) said adjusting to the rules would be less difficult. Although, another 47 percent felt adjusting to the new rules will be the same, regardless of the delay.

About the survey

The survey was conducted at the Lenders One Summer Conference held August 2-5, 2015. Respondents consisted of Lenders One mortgage banker members, preferred vendors and preferred secondary providers. All findings are available upon request by contacting Lenders One.

About Lenders One® Mortgage Cooperative

Lenders One (www.LendersOne.com) was established in 2000 as a national alliance of independent mortgage bankers, correspondent lenders and suppliers of mortgage products and services. Members of the St. Louis-based platform originated $200 billion in mortgages in 2014; collectively ranking as one of the largest retail mortgage origination entities in the U.S. Lenders One, more than 280 lender members strong, is managed by a subsidiary of Altisource Portfolio Solutions, S.A.

About Altisource®

Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A. is a premier marketplace and transaction solutions provider for the real estate, mortgage and consumer-debt industries. Altisource's proprietary business processes, vendor and electronic payment management software and behavioral science-based analytics improve outcomes for marketplace participants. Altisource has been named to Fortune's fastest growing global companies two years in a row. Additional information is available at altisource.com.