Environmental Policy


The Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A. (“Altisource” or the “Company”) Code of Business Conduct and Ethics states that Altisource will conduct business "in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards." Consistent with the principles set forth in Altisource’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and other policies and procedures, Altisource is committed to survey and assess the impact of its business activities on the environment, define environmental objectives, and work to minimize the impact of its operations on the environment (e.g., through energy and resource conservation, waste reduction and recycling).

Altisource’s commitment to sustainability applies to all persons involved in the Company’s business including directors, officers, employees, temporary staff, contractors and suppliers.


Altisource is committed to embedding respect for the environment into its business operations. To achieve this goal, Altisource will strive to:

  • - Adhere to applicable environmental laws across its different locations

  • - Act with integrity and in consideration of environmental impacts caused by its business activities

  • - Minimize and mitigate its environmental footprint

  • - Minimize waste through careful and efficient use of materials, water and energy

  • - Implement appropriate waste management practices and recycling programs

  • - Create a positive impact for the communities where Altisource operates and which it serves and, when appropriate and/or feasible, undertake corporate responsibility and environmental responsibility initiatives in those communities

  • - Procure and use sustainable products/materials wherever feasible

  • - Increase employee awareness with respect to environmental issues and encourage responsible behavior

  • - Promote and uphold these values among Altisource’s suppliers and business partners

Altisource’s Corporate Responsibility Management Committee will be responsible for implementing and monitoring this policy.

This environmental policy shall be disseminated to all employees and also disclosed to the public. Altisource encourages its stakeholders to contact its Corporate Secretary at CorporateSecretary@altisource.com in the event they have any recommendation or suggestion for further improving or implementing Altisource’s environmental commitments.

Altisource reserves the right to amend this policy at any time without notice. This policy does not create any contractual or other legal right on behalf of any party.